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About Cyclone

Cyclone is a high energy, teen dance party. Attendees must be currently enrolled in high school, grades 9-12 and must present a current school year high school ID (if home schooled, a state issued ID or parent verification via email will suffice) with paid admission upon entrance. As we want to maintain a safe and fun environment for everyone in attendance, we have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to; fighting, brawling, instigating, unwanted/inappropriate touching will result in removal from the event. Use of alcohol, controlled substances, vaping devices or tobacco products are strictly prohibited and will be handled by law enforcement and removal from the event. At our discretion, anyone removed from an event may not be allowed to attend future events. Any criminal activity will be handled appropriately by local authorities and a parent or guardian may be contacted. 

To ensure a safe environment for those in attendance, all attendees are subject to metal detection and if warranted, further pat down searching. Bags, fanny packs, backpacks, purses or anything in which illegal items can be concealed are prohibited. Hats, bandannas and sports attire are prohibited as they may be affiliated with a particular group or gang. Large jackets and baggy clothing are discouraged. Weapons or anything that may be used as a weapon are strictly prohibited. These policies are enforced for safety and security reasons. We strive to ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone. To view event policies, click here.

Parent Info

Cyclone is a BA Entertainment production designed strictly with high school students in mind. Each event is secure with uniformed security and law enforcement. Attendees are scanned with metal detectors and absolutely no bags of any size are allowed in. A strict dress code and behavior policy is enforced. All attendees are expected to adhere by these policies while in attendance. To view these policies, click here. Parents are welcome to check out the venue at any time, however, will not be allowed admittance into the event room. Cyclone staff will be on site at all times to answer questions. You may also contact us with questions at any time.


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